Jelly Bomber

Get combos, use special powers and drop bombs on fruit to create delicious Jelly Jam!

Jelly Bomber is a fun abstract puzzle game where you make combos by connecting four pieces of the same color. Connect four and get a combo! It’s super-easy to learn, but in order to master the game, you’ll need to be smart about using fruit-powers and the special abilities of your character. Climb the ranks and learn the forbidden mysteries of Jelly Bombing!



  • Vibrant, colorful and fun pixel art by Blake Reynolds
  • 3 fruit powers which activate when you get combos involving them
  • Original melodic soundtrack
  • 3 cool characters with their own special passive and active abilities
  • “Single-player Elo” system means you’re always playing at the right skill level for you (first innovated in our last game, Auro)
  • More characters, gameplay modes and more coming soon!

If you’ve ever enjoyed games like Dr. Mario, Puyo Puyo or even Tetris, you’ll love Jelly Bomber!

Coming to Steam August 8th!