Auro 3.3 is out on Steam!

This is the biggest patch since probably 2016’s 2.0 patch! Check it out on Steam. Coming to iOS and Android SOON!

Beta Monsters and Beta Spells are only available in Custom Matches, so be sure to turn them on in the Custom Game Screen, if you’d like to try them out.

New Achievements

Creature Changes

Adjusted: Water squids are now called Krakens.
Adjusted: Brutes will also bounce anyone bumped into them back in the direction they came from.

Adjusted: Charles will now bump Auro backwards, whenever Auro bumps them.

Adjusted: When Charles bumps Auro he will follow, even if there are Flames, or Floe.

Adjusted: Charles will also bump anyone bumped into him back where they came from.

Adjusted: Brutes, Charles, Flat Slimes, Krakens, & Yetis can now be selected as targets for the Dash spell, allowing you to bounce, or bump off of them.

Adjusted: Foxy will now display a targeting reticle on nearby tiles she could attack this turn.

Bugfix: Slimes now wait until they finish moving before turning flat.

Bugfix: Slimes are now heavy when frozen.

Bugfix: Troggles no longer cause a crash if they charge over a Cursed Kid.

Bugfix: Troggles now Bounce if they charge over a Flat Slime.

Bugfix: Troggles no longer kill anything they’re pushed into when in their Charging state.

Bugfix: Krakens are now vulnerable to Smokey Flavoured bounces.
Adjusted: Immovable creatures that walk over Flat Slimes, will now kill the slime.

New Status Effect
Static charge: Three strikes and you’ll be overloaded and struck by lightning at the end of the turn. Use an attack to discharge this effect, knocking creatures backwards an extra tile. If you’re overloaded, your bumps will stack push when they discharge.

Auro Extended Universe – Beta Spells

Static Swap: Change places with an adjacent monster, and both gain 1 static charge. You can use this ability twice before it expires.

Flip. Charge into an adjacent creature and flip them over your head. Leave Votices on both departed tiles.

Ultimate – Summon The Kraken. Summon a Kraken on a tile destroying it and bouncing everyone adjacent away. Anything on the targeted tile is devoured.

Auro Extended Universe – Beta Monsters

New Creature type

Elemental Motes – Elemental Motes fly slowly towards Auro before exploding with a unique elemental effect. Auro can bump them to push them away before their elemental explosion occurs. When an Elemental Mote spawns in it brings with it an elemental effect that it leaves that tile.

New Creatures
Gusty Mote (Silver+): Bounces everyone adjacent away. Spawns on a Vortex.

Icey Mote (Gold+): Freezes everyone adjacent, and Freezes all adjacent tiles. Spawns on a permanently Frozen tile

Flaming Mote (Platinum+): Applies Smokey Flavour to everyone adjacent, and destroys its tile. Spawns on a Flame.

Zappy Mote (Platinum+): Applies 2 Static Charges to everyone adjacent.

Zappy Bat (Platinum+): On bite, these bats apply 1 Static Charge to Auro, and teleports to a random tile 3 tiles away from Auro.

Flaming Lich (Gold+): Similar to other Liches, but applies Smokey Flavour to Auro based. Also leaves behind Flames, instead of vortices when bumped.

Zappy Lich (Platinum+): This liches attack applies 1 Static Charge to Auro. But it can use this ability whenever Auro casts a spell in its range, provided its ability isn’t on cooldown. 

Gusty Lich (Platinum+): Similar to other Liches, but bounces Auro based on their relative position/direction, leaving a Vortex on Auro’s old tile.

Enraged Yeti (Platinum+): Spell Immune and Immovable creature that will deal 1 damage, Freeze you, and throw you over its head if it gets in range. It will Freeze and throw any creature bumped into it over its head as well. If you manage to burn, or drown it, it gets faster and angrier.

Cursed Vargas & Cursey Bat (GrandMaster+): A seemingly normal bat that if defeated will transform into a Cursed Vargas. Cursed Vargas has a dash-suplex combo, so keep your distance, or lure him to dangerous terrain.

Devilish Trickster (GrandMaster+): Like other Tricksters they can swap places with you, but Devilish Tricksters swap with you when you try to cast a spell. Your spell still occurs, but now you might be the target. Unbumpable – Devilish Tricksters can always swap places with you even if you ever try to bump them.

[Defunct] Furry Yeti: Spell Immune and Immovable creature that will deal 1 damage, freeze you, and throw you over its head if it gets in range. It will freeze and throw any creature bumped into it over its head as well. If you manage to burn, or drown it, it gets faster, but loses its defenses.

Custom Game Mode

In addition to choosing what rank you’d like to play, custom games can now include any of the new beta creatures and beta spells you’ve seen in these patch notes. Choose between Zappy & Cursed Bats, Between Furry and Enraged Yetis, and select the elemental type of the Motes & Liches you’ll encounter.

You can also customise your spell loadout with each slot selected individually.

Adjusted: If Beta Monsters are selected, the creature turn order changes from
Freeze -> Bounce -> Bump -> Damaging Bump -> Regular -> Troggle -> Fire Mote ->Trickster


Bump -> Bounce -> Freeze -> Damaging Bump -> Regular -> Troggle -> Fire Mote -> Trickster

Adjusted: If Beta Monsters are selected, the score goal for Platinum is reduced by 10.

UI Updates
Updated: New and adjusted descriptions of many creatures in help mode.

New: While in help mode, it will now display which tiles a Monster can attack when you mouse over it.

New: The camera is now better at following Auro when he’s pushed around.

Updated: Some creatures now have additional effects on their abilities.

keithburgun • 01/13/2021

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