Version 1.19 Patch Notes

This version is a bug-fix and smooth-out version. While we have a lot of exciting, dramatic gameplay changes planned, we’re getting close on an iOS build so we want to just make sure everything is smoothed out for now.
– Hard mode made a teensy bit harder. The jump from Hard to Master is a bit too rough.
– Level 1 of story mode is now surrounded by flame so that the player can’t kill the rat by bumping him in the water.
– Placement match now errs on the side of “placing you slightly low. We figure it’s better to win a bunch of games in a row, especially since we have win streaks.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed bug where fliers that bounce and land on water are no longer targetable for Snowball
– Explode now properly pushes fliers out 2 tiles
– Explode should now cause actors to bounce from a current even if there’s a pillar behind them
– Fixed vargas appearing as the Brute sometimes
– Troggles now always charge 3 tiles when they can (none of this weird 2 tile charge business)
– Gwenny now saps Abom turns with her attacks
– Fixed actors not wanting to walk over Floe-Water
– Curse Candy now has quillsh say a line sometimes, instead of “Cast curse” which makes no sense
– Fixed bug where player can’t dismount from a jump to a floed-water tile

– Can no longer walk onto a squid as Abomination (caused weird effects)
Feel free to discuss this patch here, or at the post on our forums!

keithburgun • 11/09/2014

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