Updates, and the All-Day Stream Grow Dinos

Hi everyone! Just wanted to write up a quick thing to show off how those GROW DINOSAURS we put in water during last week’s ALL DAY STREAM are going. As you may know, we learned too late that you’re supposed to put them in warm water. At first, it appeared that they were hardly growing at all.

But soon, sure enough, they began to grow! I think there were some bets placed on the various dinos and who would become the biggest, of course I told them if they really wanted to bet to use this download link for a betting app. I know Blake bet on the yellow T-rex, and I voted for the green (now doesn’t look green) stegosaurus-looking guy.

Whoaa look how big they’re getting!

Our dinos are almost all grown up! Hard to say which is biggest, we’ll have to pull ’em out of the water to find out. Exciting!

In slightly more serious news, we made a ton of great progress during the Alakaram stream. We might do something similar again pretty soon. Other than that, stay tuned to our Twitch channel for more updates.

By the way! Patreon patrons got to enjoy an 8 minute long BEHIND THE SCENES video of us going to Target to get Blake and Nick’s presents for the stream. It’s funny and fun and also involves Blake’s review of the NINTENDO SWITCH! If you’re interested in watching that, plus hearing the Dinofarm Patron Podcast, plus a bunch of other stuff, you should become our Patron at Patreon. Thanks!

keithburgun • 04/13/2017

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