The Post-Kickstarter Game-Plan for “Auro”

Sad-face, because: our Kickstarter didn’t make it.  That probably comes as no surprise to anyone who has, say, ever run a Kickstarter before, given that our target amount was a rather high $15,000.  I think a lot of people saw it and were kind of confused about why it cost that much to make.  Well, Auro is going to cost that much to make, no matter what, but we may just end up paying for it ourselves.

As I mentioned in the Jurassic Hour interview I did last week, doing the Kickstarter campaign has been unbelievably helpful for us as a sort of “dress rehearsal” for the release of Auro.  We learned a lot about how (not) to market the game.  And hey, we also have a trailer now!  That’s pretty cool!

One thing to understand is that we’re making this game, no matter what!  In fact this past week has been one of the more productive weeks in awhile.

Now, we have a few options if we don’t want to completely bear the brunt of producing the game for free – which we don’t mind doing but obviously would prefer if we didn’t have to.

Alpha Funding – This is the most likely choice, I’d say.  We’re looking into Desura Alpha Funding which seems like it would be pretty great for us, as well as just doing a Minecraft-esque selling the game off of our own website.

Finding a Publisher – We have a couple of possible leads on this on publishers who might be interested in a game like Auro.  I’ll say this, though:  it would have to be a pretty sweet deal for us to want to go with a publisher, given all the natural and well-known downsides of doing so.

Running another Kickstarter (with a smaller target amount) – this is also a reasonable approach.  We’re also a lot further along, so we need less money anyway.

Making the game without outside funding will mean the game will take longer to make.  But we’re committed to doing it.

Oh hey, side note, check out the top bar, where it says Auro: The Golden Prince?  That should take you to a new, updated page that explains what this Auro stuff is all about, if you’re confused.

keithburgun • 12/20/2011

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