Submitting Auro to iOS *tonight*

Fantastic news! Last night, our programmer Oren had a huge breakthrough with getting Auro out on iOS. Perhaps I’ll get him to write up a thing about it at some point, in detail. Anyway, for now it should suffice to say that the game runs actually way better than it did before. Our Android fans should expect a nice performance boost for version 1.23 when it comes out (perhaps later tonight).

Anyway – we’re finally coming out on iOS! How exciting is that! Thank you to everyone who tried to help us out in our time of need. Thank you to our Kickstarters and all our fans for waiting an extremely long amount of time that became an extremely long and extended amount of time to get their hands on this game.

The game will be submitted to iTunes tonight, which means we expect it to be approved somewhere around the end of the month.

We promise you won’t be disappointed. I’m excited to get back into bug fixes, polish, and just generally improving the game.

Thanks again for waiting! See you on iTunes!


keithburgun • 01/22/2015

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  1. Dominic 01/28/2015 - 6:20 pm Reply

    Keith! I am so so excited for you, and cannot wait to play this; it was one of my most anticipated games of last year, so naturally that carried over to 2015 : ).

    I will instantly buy this!

    • keithburgun 01/28/2015 - 6:55 pm Reply

      Thanks Dominic! We’re excited too.

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