So… what exactly is going on with iOS, anyway?

Roughly mid-September, we finally finished Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure. We launched on Android right away, saying that we’d have it out on iOS soon. It’s now been over a month – just what the hell is going on here!?

The long-and-short of it is: we keep running into technical problems that cause the game to either not run at all or not be submittable. This is mostly due to our very-weird setup, combined with the recent release of iOS8, which is not compatible with what we’ve been doing.

To get technical for a moment, our game is written in Haxe, and originally used – well, still uses – the NME framework. We also use the Starling graphics library and basically compile to a Flash target, which we then wrap in another Air “wrapper” application, and that’s what actually compiles to Android and iOS, in theory (and in practice, on Android).

NME, in the last year or two, was basically retired and replaced with OpenFl, although we never switched over, partly because of our weird setup and partly because we were just in a mad dash to even get the game finished.

In the opinion of our actual programmers (i.e. not me), doing a legitimate port to OpenFL might be a big deal that could take weeks or even months to do. So, over the past month, we’ve been trying hack after hack to see if we can just get the game submitted. So far, all ~100 attempts have not worked. We still have a few more things to try, before we  go for the  actual porting process.

To clarify: we had everything all sorted out, and actually if we had submitted maybe 3 days earlier, we would have been out on iOS on day 1. But the iOS8 changes have caused major issues for us.

If anyone reading this knows a lot about these technologies, please comment below or with your thoughts.

Other than that, to everyone else, especially our Kickstarter supporters: we’re really sorry that it’s taking so long! Believe us when we say that no one wants the game out on iOS more than we do.

Expect news on this front soon!

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keithburgun • 10/28/2014

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  1. Stanislav 11/11/2014 - 6:07 pm Reply

    Hello, we had kind of same issue and I have solution for this.
    I assume that you use Air 14 or earlier version to compile your game, but when you go to Air 15(in order to pass IOS store requirements) your game not compiles correctly with ton of errors.
    If it so you can do really simple thing. Just copy “aot” compiler from Air 15 to Air 14 and then make package from Air 14, you will pass store requirements, in other words
    Copy from Air\15.0.0\lib\aot to Air\14.0.0\lib\aot or better just replace “Air\14.0.0\lib\aot” with “Air\15.0.0\lib\aot”

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