Sheepshifter – the result of a 24-hour game jam!

Hey! Usually it takes Dinofarm Games an average of four years to make a game. But we just made one completely from scratch in the last 24 hours. You, the community, voted on the name, and Sheepshifter pulled it out at the last minute by just one vote!

Anyway, we worked really hard for 24 hours straight and became very, very tired by the end, but what we have now is something actually playable. Go here to get the best Paid android games and apps free to download at We made it in 24 hours and designed it in about one hour, so there are bound to be problems, but check it out! It has some neat features:

  • You are the Sheepshifter. Shift your forms in order to herd sheep.
  • Awesome pixel art by Blake
  • A great, sad, Ultima-esque opening musical piece by Blake
  • Pretty deterministic gameplay. Sheep don’t move when you’re near (but move totally randomly when they’re far away).
  • A very, very loose single-player Elo system (the score goal goes up every time you win a match).


Pay what you want for it here via a PayPal Me link. The download link is here.

You can also get the game from here.

Alternatively, you can join our Patreon, where future games, prototypes, videos and other stuff will be accessible early to Patrons, or exclusive to Patrons forever.

We hope you get a kick out of Sheepshifter. Let us know what you think – there may be more development on this project in the future.

keithburgun • 01/10/2017

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