Roguelike Radio Episode 41: Score Systems

Hi everyone!  I don’t usually post this sort of thing here on Dinofarm Games, but I thought that this episode went really well, and it kind of serves as a Dinofarm article in a way.  It compliments my two articles on score, I think.  Check it out, over at Roguelike Radio!

keithburgun • 07/16/2012

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  1. Lavaflyer 07/25/2012 - 3:13 pm Reply

    Sorry Keith – this is definitely not on topic – but I’m seriously getting close to releasing my first iOS title and I didnt know who to ask.  So if u wouldn’t mind shedding some light on the subject (as a fellow indie game developer) – how did u get your company name? Is it copyrighted (if so how much was it/ through which website/company) or did u simply google search dinofarm games b4 branding your company name. I knOw it’s alot to ask –thanks

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