Jelly Bomber, Advance Wars, and “Woke Castlevania”

Hey everyone! Welcome to the eighth episode of the Dinofarm Patron Podcast, the podcast made possible by our lovely Patreon patrons.

On this episode, we talk about the games we’re playing, some new games that are around the corner.

We talk about Jelly Bomber and what we’re doing for it now. Make sure to tune in Saturday the 17th of March to watch us finish the game!

We also talk about future Dinofarm Games prospects, now that Jelly Bomber is approaching completion, including a top-down Castlevania-inspired Rogue-like that is socially-good and maybe even secretly a strategy game.

Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy the show!

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Episode 7 – More Jelly Bomber, and More!

In this episode, we speak of many things!

  • What are we playing these days?
  • Moving into PLAYTEST MODE soon!
  • Berry powers and how they affect the jam line
  • Rules for garbage-sending in PVP
  • Peaches VS Apricots?
  • Art for the game
  • Plans going forward
  • More!

Thanks so much for listening, and remember that you can become a patron at

Patron Podcast Episode 6 – Jelly Bomber!

In this episode we talk about the theme, the art, the design, and even the name of Jelly Bomber, the latest Dinofarm Games prototype-which-hopefully-we-turn-into-a-game. I think it was a good one! Let us know what you think of the podcast (and of Blake’s opinion on the best hybrid guitar string setup!)

Dinofarm Patron Podcast Episode 5

Good news! The Patron Podcast is now officially FREE for everyone! We’re switching things around a bit and we’re going to be making other content that’s patron-only, such as game design docs, behind the scenes stuff, and early builds.

This episode talks about our plans to temporarily shelve Alakaram and begin work on a new game, as well as other topics. It’s a good one, and it involves our programmer, Nick, who hasn’t been on the show before.


Dinofarm Patron Podcast Episode 4

Hi everyone! We’ve migrated over to this new wordpress-based feed. If you want the RSS feed, it is here.

This episode talks all about Alakaram in real-time. Lots of questions about how we’ll do it are answered, as well as questions about which spells and monsters will still work, and how we’ll get around a lot of the typical troubles that real time games tend to have. I really liked this one a lot and I hope you do too!

Dinofarm Patron Podcast Episode 2

Hey Patrons. Here’s another reward for your patronage, which we really appreciate. We talk about a lot of stuff in here, including new video series our new ram-theme (“Alakaram”), and a lot more. Check it out and let us know what you think.

ALSO! Here is a link to an RSS feed for our podcast. Keep these secret! Let us know if you have any trouble with these, and what you think of the podcast. Enjoy!

Dinofarm Patron Podcast Episode 1

Here it is! A full length of content ONLY FOR $5 patrons and up! This podcast is us being much more open about everything, our plans, the games we want to make in the future, and so on, than we ever talk about publicly. I hope you enjoy it.

Note: This podcast was formerly hosted on SoundCloud. The podcast will no longer be updated there, so please stay tuned here for future updates.