Our new site!

Oooo… touch that top bar, it’s all fuzzy!  Anyway, we have a new website.  It’s still based in WordPress, but vastly improved from the previous version.  What do you think?  What does it need?

Here are a few of its features:

  • New design & logo – Do you like our new logo?  I hope you do.  We worked hard on it.  The idea is that it’s a “brand”, as in an image seared onto the side of a dino, at a farm.  This will be made more clear later on.
  • Site no longer forwards to WordPress.com – that was pretty lame, but we now appear somewhat like professionals!  Somewhat!
  • Pretty good social integration – Facebook buttons ahoy, which hopefully makes it easy for people to follow us on Facebook.  Also twitter feed’s comin’ in on the right there.
  • Forums – These forums, while a bit on the small side, are the best forums that can incorporate into a wordpress page.  I’ve looked!  Go check them out.
  • Site’s pretty optimized – At least, given that I’m not at all a web developer.  Google Page Speed says:

So give us feedback!

keithburgun • 09/04/2011

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