Dinofarm Games in 2017: Part 2 – Mystery Launch Stream Game!

In about a week, we’ll be launching our Patreon campaign. On the same day, we’ll start a stream of a 24-hour “game jam”, where Blake and I create a game from scratch. What game, you ask? No, you don’t ask. You tell!

We have a poll, here, which will allow you to choose from five game names that I just came up with. We earnestly have no idea what any of these games would be right now. We’ll reveal the results on the day of the stream, and get to work. 24 hours later, we’ll have a playable game for everyone to play.

As to the Patreon, we’ll let you know when that goes live. There will be lots of Patron-only content, events and rewards, but we’ll get into that more later. Looking forward to next week!


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keithburgun • 01/02/2017

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