Dinofarm Games has GONE EVIL!


Dinofarm Games is no more! Now there is only DRAGONBARN GAMES, the world’s first openly evil game developers!!!

dragon barn logo

Above: our evil flag.

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Okay, so a few things are gonna change around here. I’m the lead designer, KAISER BUNDSON, and do ever I have some surprises for you unsuspecting IDIOT fans.

First of all, none of this “buying the game once and then you have the entire game” CRAP! We’re sending out a version NOW that will make all copies of Auro cease to function unless you pay us another three bucks. And you WILL pay us that three bucks, and from there it’s only gonna get worse, so START SAVING UP NOW! (WE WANT THAT CA$$$H CA$H CA$H CA$H)

We are also changing the name of the game to Auro: AN OBSCENE MONEYMAKING OPERATION. Here’s the patch notes.



  • DRAGONCASH added to the game. The conversion rate for Dragoncash to US Dollars is 1:70368.66666, or 5:11 on Sundays and holidays, or 1:1 on weekdays from 5-9PM. You are required to buy Dragoncash.
  • After every match, there’s a slot machine game(UNSKIPPABLE). YOU COULD BE A WINNER! Winning gives you a 2% discount on the DRAGON CASH BONUS BUNDLE, worth an incredible 80,000 DRAGONCASH PENNIES! Losing, however, will black screen the app until you pay up another $3.
  • 4129Added 150 new spells to the game. Here are some of the coolest ones:
    • Super Snowball – Randomly kills 0-12 nearby monsters, but sometimes adds 0-12 monsters instead.
    • Mega Clone – Creates a clone of Auro who RANDOMLY kills 6-14 monsters.
    • Win – WIN THE GAME INSTANTLY!!! (Costs 400 DC to use)
  • This version is the Auro Base Set, which comes with the Jump ability and up to two different monsters. You can now BUY new great stuff with Dragoncash, such as:
    • New Spells (sold in booster packs, with 14 levels of rarity)
    • New Game Modes (one game mode is actually a Flappy Bird clone some kid made for a high school project. It cost me almost nothing to make, but it’s gonna cost you a ton.)
    • Random Charges – Whenever we charge your credit card, we will also make an advertisement to your friends using your Facebook account.
  • This one’s my favorite: Kissie Rat REMOVED!!!
Kiss your little rat friend goodbye, chumps!

Kiss your little rat friend goodbye, chumps!


Hey, this is BLAIR RILLARDS, the new guy in charge of our art. The old guy, Blake or whatever his name was, took way too long making the art for these games. I know a bunch of high school kids who will work for CHEAP, making us some perfectly fine paper doll artwork quick as hell. Which is good because we’re gonna be pumping these things out faster than you can download them.

Here’s an example of a character from the next DRAGONBARN game, “Mr. DB”. By using a Flash dummy, he cost us almost NOTHING to make, which is really great – for us.

[swf src=”https://dinofarmgames.com/mrdb.swf” width=600 height=300]

I don’t wanna hear any guff about it, either. You’ll buy it, you’ll buy clothing and hats for Mr. DB, and that’s the end of this discussion! You’re already falling in love with Mr. DB! Look at those cute eyes! What a charmer! Now ENTER YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO AND SLAM YOUR CASH INTO OUR BANK ACCOUNT already! CA$H CA$H CA$H I want that CAAAAAASHHHHHH!!!! $$$$


Here are the next few games we’ll be releasing, one every Thursday:

Mr. DB – An endless runner with minor nudity and real shit noises

MuneCruft – Minecraft was a big hit!!!

Sonicc Hedgehog’s Cigarette Roulette – Play as SONIC and save the princess!!!! (IAPs, RMT, 18+ ONLY!!!)

Flappy Birdd – Flappy bird clone (adults only, contains nudity)

Candy Crush Sagaa – Match 3 but you can win REAL REAL MONEY by doing applied surveys for  cigarette companies

Angry Minecraftt – gambling online casino POKER that you play for **real cigarettes**!!

h0csdelhv1qyv8We got a whole load of these things though. Wait till you see! Anyway, here’s a form, please fill it out and then leave the website for good.

Please print this page and mail to DragonBarn Studios.
My bank account #: _____________________
Routing #: _________________________
ATM PIN:________________________
SSN: ______________________________
If you know the banking information of a friend, relative or any other person, please write it here: ____________________________





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keithburgun • 03/31/2015

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  1. Nick 04/01/2015 - 1:13 am Reply

    Might want to use a tinge bit more subtlety in your approach next time. You know, less “HA-HA!!! LOOK AT ME, I’M EVIL!!! JOKEY JOKEY TIME ON APRIL FOOLS!!!” and more:

    “Well, as you recall on last month’s update we’ve finalized our deal with Rovio. We’re sure they will take very good care of Auro from now on. Click on this link to find out about our next Kickstarter Adventure.”

    With the link, of course, leading to a pic that says this is an April Fools joke. Worked for me when I published an article featuring “exclusive” details about Kingdom Hearts 3 four years ago.

    • keithburgun 04/01/2015 - 9:18 am Reply

      I think it’s actually much better to just openly have a joke than to try and “trick” people. But yeah maybe!

  2. Chipsilver 04/22/2015 - 5:01 am Reply

    Best thing I’ve read for ages – many thanks for the laugh. Poker for cigarettes is a genius ideA! :D (big auro/rouges fan)

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