AURO Update for November 2013!

Hi everyone!  Sorry that there wasn’t an update last month (although I did write an update to our Kickstarter supporters just to let them know what was up).  Anyway, let’s get to the updating.


What’s Taking So Long?

The game has actually been somewhat out of my hands (and Blake’s) and completely in the hands of our two programmers, who are working hard at doing a ton of back-end stuff that’s taking way longer than anyone expected.  The issue is largely serialization, which as I understand it is largely organizing the game’s information in such a way that saving and loading is possible.  This is apparently a lot of work normally, but a colossal amount of work if you do it at the end of production instead of at the beginning.  So, Mike is working on that.  Serialization itself is actually done, but now there’s a bunch of work on something called “object marshaling” for saving/loading and match mode.

So, this stuff has been going on for a full month now, much longer than we anticipated.  With that said, Blake and I are using the extra time to make the soundtrack and Blake is even re-visiting some of his older artwork from the game to clean it up a bit.  He’s even working on a crazy new illustration which we may use as the title screen art.

Anyway, things are moving as fast as they can.  We’ll definitely never make the mistake of not dealing with serialization up front again.  Yikes!


Other News

– AURO will be appearing at the PRACTICE: Game Design in Detail conference at NYU this Friday-Sunday(15th to the 17th).  Lots of serious-business game designers will get a chance to try the game out.  Oh, and I’m speaking there, too, btw!

– The other reason I’ve been quiet is that EMPIRE was released last month – to much critical success – , and I’ve been scrambling to do press and balance patches and stuff.  The game is not a Dinofarm Games game, by the way – I was hired by Crazy Monkey Studios to design it.  EMPIRE is currently available on iOS, Android, PC(at Gamer’s Gate) and a few other places.  Oh, and go support our Greenlight submission, if you would!  And come get involved on the forums – we’re having in-depth strategy/balance discussions there.

I have some other new things that will be happening soon, but I don’t want to go into detail on them yet.  Thanks for your patience everyone.  When AURO comes out, I really think it will be amazing, and worth the wait.

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keithburgun • 11/11/2013

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