Auro Update for July 2014 – Post-Release Priorities

Getting right to the point, wasting no time! At the time of this writing, we’ve got just around 12 days to get all implementation finished; namely, that’s everything except for bug-fixing. Here are the things!

  • Saving and loading. This is mostly done; as far as I understand Mike just has a few story-mode related things left to do. I’m pretty sure those should be done this week.
  • Device-specifics. Different devices have different aspect ratios, and we need to make sure the game looks good at every resolution. We’re not exactly sure how much of a pain this will be, but we expect it to go somewhat smoothly.
  • Fixing the Walls. Arguably a bug fix, although our system is so messed up that I believe Mike wants to just re-write the code for this system.
  • Some Story Mode & Tutorial details. Story Mode has been coming along, and I should definitely have it totally cleaned up by the end of the week.
  • Wiggle-Code. The game needs to be able to bounce, shake and hover actors in a variety of conditions.
  • Shadows. Weirdly enough, adding shadows to actors has been a bit of a pain; more than this non-programmer has been able to handle, so hopefully one of our programmers can do this for me.

And actually, that’s it! Kinda crazy. Beyond that there are bugs, but we have another 2-week period for bug-fixes. Overall, I’m feeling OK about the August 15th release date. It can happen, just as long as we all hunker down and don’t hit any huge snags.

With that said, the game is also still constantly getting massive gameplay improvements. Every week, we’re making it better and better. I’ve said it before, but I really just can’t wait for people to get their hands on this game.



With the release date coming up, it might be interesting to hear about what we plan on doing after Auro is released. We have two top priorities that come first: making sure the game is bug-free and awesome for those who have bought our game, and getting our Kickstarter supporters their rewards. We’ll have more details on the rewards in the next couple of weeks, but we haven’t forgotten you guys.

Once the game is super-bug-free and the Kickstarter people have gotten their rewards, we’ll begin on some other stuff:

More Tutorial Stuff – We have a “long-press to get information” feature that we have all the assets and design for, but couldn’t get implemented in time for launch. So this is a super high priority; making sure that our game is easy for everyone to learn.

Expanding our Gamecenter/Google Play functionality – at launch, we’ll have minimal stuff like high scores, achievements, sharing, but we’d love to really expand on these as soon as we can to help players compete with each other. It would also be fantastic to get some analytics going.

More Visual/Audio Effects – We’d also love to make the game look prettier, of course.

Expansion content – There is a possibility of adding some more spells to the game (Earth!), and possibly another monster or two.


A bit later on, we’d love to do these things:

Cross Platform! – we’d really like to get a PC version on Steam and such. We also want our game on Windows phones, on Linux, OSX, Kindles… you name it. We want Auro to be like the new Tetris!

Puzzle Mode! – Auro’s tactical abilities makes it great for a puzzle game. We’d love to make a bunch of puzzles in a Puzzle Mode that players can solve. We could even potentially make a puzzle creator that allows you to build and share your own puzzles.

Replays – It would be super awesome if you could save replays and share them with friends.


On our forum, there’s a ton of other ideas, and I plan on supporting Auro for years to come, in any way I possibly can. For now, though, we just have to get this thing out the door! Wish us luck.





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keithburgun • 07/13/2014

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