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Hey everyone!

We wanted to announce the creation of a new site:  http://keithburgun.net/ !  It’s going to be the site where I’ll be publishing future articles on the topic of game design theory.  If you’ve been a fan of articles such as Games Hurt Stories, Stories Hurt Games, On Score and the like, you’ll want to tune in over at the new site.  In fact, I’ve even re-posted my latest game design article over at the new site.

Another thing that will be moving and getting renamed is the Dinofarm Games Podcast.  This will re-surface under the name The Game Design Theory Podcast over at the new site.

In the future, dinofarmgames.com will be focusing on reports about AURO’s development and other games that we’re working on.  Fans of Blake’s ART BARN column needn’t worry, as that will be staying!

Thanks for reading!

keithburgun • 08/23/2012

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  1. Bret 08/24/2012 - 2:57 am Reply

    I just have to say, this is a really good idea.

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