A New Phase for the AURO Beta and Our Schedule to Release

Hi everybody!  We just LAUNCHED a new phase of the AURO Beta!  You could call this the “AURO Story Beta”, because a big feature of this version is the inclusion of the much-fabled STORY MODE.


What is Story Mode?

Story Mode is what it sounds like – a linear (although still has mostly random maps) set of levels that takes you through a simple but hopefully charming coming of age story.  Essentially, the plot is this:

The young prince Auro is a very spoiled, lazy, impatient and troublesome youngster who also happens to be the prince of some super important magic fantasy kingdom.  It’s Auro’s 12th birthday, and he’s supposed to do some crazy thing like kill a dragon to prove that he’s worthy of the throne.  But everyone knows Auro couldn’t handle that, he’s completely behind on his magic studies!  So, they think, let’s just get him to go down and fix a sewer pipe, which HE definitely clogged up in the first place by jamming it full of dead squids.  He loves dead-sea-life-based pranks.

Then all kinds of crazy stuff happens!


What is the Story Beta?

As of right now, we’re taking the beta off of our website, and we’ll only be supporting the iOS versions.  This will mean more iOS versions coming to our iOS testers.  Also – we’ll almost certainly have Android versions coming soon too.

But basically, what we really need to find out is: does story mode adequately teach people how to play the game?  We’d love it if our testers can get the game in front of friends and family, have them play Story Mode with the tutorial, and see how they do.  What do they understand, what did they have no idea about, etc etc.  Please let us know about this stuff over at THE DINOFARM FORUMS!

We’ll be responding to Story Mode issues, but our main task now is to finish MATCH MODE.  So in a week or so, we’ll send out versions that have a fully functional match mode ready to go.

After that, we enter POLISH THE GAME phase.  This is where we make the game all pretty.  Then, we have BUG FIX PHASE, where we get rid of ALL of the bugs.

As it stands now, we expect to get the game out by September 1.  Wish us luck!


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keithburgun • 07/27/2013

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  1. Nachtfischer 07/27/2013 - 12:54 pm Reply

    I think you actually wanted to link this forum thread: https://dinofarmgames.com/forum/index.php?threads/story-mode-beta-reactions-thread.498/#post-4549

    The one in the article currently leads to the Empire forums (Is that a secret hint? Haha. :D).

    What else can I say? Still psyched, and I wish you all the best!

  2. Scott Calkins 07/27/2013 - 3:14 pm Reply

    Who do I email to get on the list for android beta testing?

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